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Launch Your Customer Success Career at CSU

Gainsight is the leader in Customer Success Management, from software to processes, and is using this expertise to develop the next generation of Customer Success Managers through Customer Success University.

Through CSM101, CSM201, and CSM301, students will earn the Certified Customer Success Manager designation. The Customer Success Managers that complete these three courses will not only enter the field of Customer Success with a rock-solid foundational understanding of the key elements of Customer Success, but will be head-and-shoulders above their peers.

Customer Success Managers that attend Customer Success University are not only giving themselves and their career a boost, but are providing more value to their employers by ensuring their customers are consistently achieving success.

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Student Testimonials

Brandon Townsend - TheRecordXchange

I think this course is a great introduction to Customer Success as a career, and provides a great foundation for getting started. Excited to see what's to come in the next courses!

Rich Ferris - Saga Music

This course (or at least the first lecture) should be added to/required as part of every companies customer facing [every] employees on-boarding process. It is rock-solid and lays the foundation of what Customer Success is all about. I'm looking forward to taking a deeper dive in the next offerings in this series!

Lorna Mendis - Microsystems Company L.L.C.

This course is perfect for anyone considering a career in customer success or for a newly hired customer success manager just starting their career. It would also be useful as a refresher for "seasoned" customer success managers. The content may also be relevant to an account manager position depending on the responsibilities of the role. The content is very relevant and the varied SME speakers help to make the lessons even more engaging. There are quizzes and a final exam to help reinforcement what you have learned in each lesson and throughout the course. The udeny LMS features are great as well.

Zachary Burkes - Gatekeeper Innovation

This course served as a great intro and points those interested in the CSM world in a very positive direction. Thank you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Great Course! Good content and great presentation! Really appreciate the foundational approach here and am looking forward to the next installment!

- LinkedIn Careers

Great course! I really enjoyed it and I do think that the course was spot-on to onboard new Customer Success Managers and get them to know the basics about the job, the mission statement and expose them to the world of customer success. The course content was sufficient , as well as the order of the lessons and the presenters (both Dan and Lincoln did an excellent job delivering the message) that made this course successful. Having finished this fundamental CSM101 course, I am geared up and looking forward to attending the following courses in this series (CSM201 & CSM301) and learn more practical lessons on how to ensure the success of the customers.

- HomeSpotter

The CSM 101 goes through the basics of CSM and gives a great overview of the area.

- Workshare, Inc.

I found the material to be relevant and well presented. I work for a company that is just getting started building our Customer Success team. The lessons contained great content for myself as a new CSM but also provided great value with more advanced strategies. I will definitely be signing up for Customer Success Management 201.

- Blackboard Inc.

I loved this course. Its course outline was easy to follow, the instructors were reputable master in their space and the quiz questions were directly applicable. Great for anyone looking to get started or needs a refresher in the CSM space. I can't wait for the follow up classes.

- Dell

As a CSM whose about 2 years in, new to the role/field and managing a small team, this was a great intro course. A good combo of basic review and a number great new ideas as well.

- Reputation.com, Inc.

This course served as a great intro and points those interested in the CSM world in a very positive direction. Thank you.

- Gatekeeper Innovation

I really enjoyed the concise modules, and the stickiness of the best practices. Thanks much! Looking forward to 102!

- LinkedIn Careers