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Gainsight 103


Gainsight 103 is the final part of the Gainsight 100 series. This section covers the Customer 360 or C360, the other area that CSMs typically spend the rest of their time while in Gainsight. It also covers TImeline and its many different uses.


Gainsight 103 is the final section of the Gainsight 100 series. In this module we will discuss the following topics in depth, as well as providing virtual demonstrations of the product, and a few activities/workshops you can do to sharpen and refine your skills as a CSM using Gainsight. * Gainsight 103-1 covers Customer 360, which provides a 360-degree view of a customer. It also covers some of the key components of the C360 page. This module will provide a quick view of each of these features and how you can use them. * Gainsight 103-2 covers Timeline, its features and how you can use them. * Gainsight 103-3 explains Dashboards, Customer Tab and Gsnap and their features. It also contains a brief workshop on the various Gainsight features you have learned so far. Click on the course arrow on the bottom right to start the course. You can click on the bottom left corner to go to the previous module.


1 hour


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