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Gainsight 101


Gainsight 101 provides an overview of Gainsight from an End User or a CSM's perspective. The series provides you with information on how to work efficiently in Gainsight, how to use its many different features, and how to get Gainsight to work for you to make your life easier instead of more difficult. This is the first of three parts.


This is the first part in a three part series. The Gainsight 100 series takes you through the journey of using Gainsight from a CSM's perspective. This first course will cover the following: * Gainsight 101-1 explains key terms and concepts you will need to know as you go through Gainsight 100. It also provides an overview of the five pillars of Customer Success. * Gainsight 101-2 provides an overview of Gainsight and what you can do with it. It also explains how Gainsight has optimized business processes. * Gainsight 101-3 provides a sneak peek into a Day in the life of a CSM and provides tips and tricks to working with Gainsight. Click on the course arrow on the bottom right to start the course. You can click on the bottom left corner to go to the previous module.


1 hour


This module provides an overview of some key terms you will need to know as you go through Gainsight 100.
This module provides a sneak peak into a typical day of a Customer Success Manager.


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