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CSM 201


This self-paced course, made up of 12 lessons developed by top Customer Success experts, provides you with the critical foundation for a career as a Customer Success Manager. CSM 201 is step two of three on the way to becoming a Certified Customer Success Manager. Time to complete all three courses is around 5 hours. Click on the course to get a full description of each lesson.


Time to complete: Around 5 Hours

Course Descriptions
201.1 Selling to the Right Customer
In this lesson, you will be able to summarize the elements to consider when determining the right customer, recognize that knowing your customers can help influence Marketing and Sales, and determine the value in identifying and selling to the right customer.

201.2 How to Empower Sales
In this lesson, you will learn how the CSM team should help empower Sales to sell additional products to the install base, learn what defines a referenceable customer and how that relates to Sales.

201.3 Obsessively Improving Time-to-Value
This lesson is all about helping you improve time-to-value for your customer, recognizing the importance of each day in the customer lifecycle, and understanding that a speedy onboarding process is the key to helping both you and your customers succeed.

201.4 How to Nail the Handoffs
This lesson will show you how to evaluate the different functions involved in helping a customer through it’s lifecycle, understand the strategies for a successful handoff between departments, and recognize that fulfilling a success handoff instills trust in the customer.

201.5 Making Product the Top Priority
In this lesson you’ll evaluate the main priorities in Customer Success, understand that loyalty for a customer is to the product, which makes this the priority for your company, and you’ll learn when the intervention with the customer, process and/or product is needed.

201.6 Defining a Clear Customer Journey
This lesson is all about the importance of mapping out a clear customer journey and using that customer journey as a tool to setting and resetting customer expectations.

201.7 Understanding Your Customer Churn
In this lesson you’ll learn to apply information from customer data analysis to identify causes of churn, and to recognize that you can’t address challenges or fix the process if you don’t understand customer churn.

201.8 Monitoring and Managing Customer Health
You’ll learn in this lesson to recognize circumstances for churn or at-risk situations so you can identify what should be monitored, what to track as possible risk indicators, and learn the importance of early intervention and not relying on techniques to save the customer.

201.9 Delivering Regular Business Reviews and Reports
You’ll learn in this lesson to recognize the value of consistently communicating with the customer on how they are doing with your product, how to analyze benchmarking as a tool that can be used to motivate customers and generate competition, and to utilize business reviews or reports as another opportunity to build trust with your customer.

201.10 Tracking CSM Team Productivity and Effectiveness
In this lesson, you’ll determine the need to implement tracking not only within the Customer Success team, but for individual Customer Success Managers, how to analyze customer-facing activities to track as a Customer Success function, and we’ll discuss why it’s valuable to treat the Customer Success team as a professional organization, with real monthly metrics towards increasing customer loyalty.

201.11 How to Market for Loyalty
This lesson shows you the importance of marketing to existing customers, how to leverage content as a tool to market to your existing customers, and discover ways to bring continual value to your existing customers through marketing efforts.

201.12 Focusing on Customer Objectives… Not Yours
This lesson covers the value of focusing on the customer’s objectives for both the customer and your company, and covers the techniques and methodology for keeping the customer’s objectives top-of-mind during activities.


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