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Admin - Journey Orchestrator - SF & NXT


This 2 part course will prepare you to work with Gainsight's Journey Orchestrator tools. This course covers the following topics:
  • Introduction to Journey Orchestrator, Program Models, Prep Steps, Creating an Outreach, Adding Participants, Building Your Model, Outreach Status, and Best Practice Tips
  • Description

    This 2 part (2 hours each) session overviews Journey Orchestrator features and use cases. Then we examine the various models and how each is constructed and what makes each unique. Next, we step through all the steps necessary to construct a program. **NOTE: Please review your contract to confirm what features are included. All contracts typically include the survey models (NPS, CSAT and Generic) and supporting features. For contract questions, please contact your Gainsight Sales or Customer Success team.


    2 Days


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