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Admin 101


Admin 100 is the first step on your “Admin Journey”. This series walks you through the fundamental features of Gainsight from an Admin perspective. Admin 100 series is divided into 5 courses:
* Admin 101
* Admin 102
* Admin 103
* Admin 104
* Admin 105

Each of these, in turn, comprise learning modules. Please do go through every module and complete all the exercises, and once the entire series has been completed you will receive your Proof of Completion. If worked on diligently, Admin 100 series will help you to build a foundation to understand Gainsight as a product and how to leverage it.


Admin 101 will introduce you to Gainsight, provide a high-level understanding into Gainsight Architecture and Gainsight Vault. This course introduces you to Gainsight from the admin perspective and learn more about how Gainsight can help you achieve your goals. You will also learn how to access the sources of help within Gainsight. From this course, you can also access two great videos that help you to understand Gainsight better:
1) What is Gainsight?
2) How Gainsight Works?


1 hour


Admin 101 introduces you to Gainsight from the admin perspective. In GS Admin 101-3, you can learn more Gainsight Vault.


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