Admin 101 -


Admin 101 is the first step on your journey as a Gainsight Administrator. If you are new to Gainsight or are seeking to refine your understanding, this class will help you answer the questions: “Where do I start? What do I need to know to set up Gainsight for my team?” Our goal is to help you quickly ramp up to be an effective member of your Customer Success team.


Within this course you will secure a baseline understanding of Gainsight as a whole and learn how to configure and use each of Gainsight’s primary features. Topics covered include C360, Cockpit, Copilot, Dashboards, the MDA, Reporting, The Rules Engine, Surveys, and Usage Data. Who Should Take This Course? - New Gainsight Admins - Existing Admins who wish to broaden their understanding of Gainsight - Other Gainsight Users who want to understand Admin capabilities and concepts


8 hours


This module answers the question, "What is Gainsight?" giving a high-level overview of the product. Showcases additional resources available to anyone who uses Gainsight, and give an in depth look into the role of an Administrator within Gainsight.
This module is your first look into the Rules Engine and what it does
This module walks through the details of creating Rules within the Rules Engine
This module demonstrates best practices when working with the Rules Engine.
This module demonstrates how to troubleshoot the Rules Engine.
This module introduces Gainsight's Matrix Data Architecture (MDA)
This module explains Usage Data within Gainsight.
This module explains how to create and view Reports and how to configure and create Dashboards within Gainsight
This module will introduce Scorecards
This module introduces Cockpit
This module introduces Customer 360 (C360)
This module introduces CoPilot
This module introduces Surveys
This module reviews Gainsight Architecture
The final exam to Admin 101


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