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The following courses are offered to the public at our classrooms. For the list of courses that we can deliver at your own site, please see our full course offering.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Really enjoyed the professionalism of this course. Great first course in the "success" arena. Looking forward to the next course and plan to come back frequently to "remind me of the basics" - Nice Job Mr. Steinman and Mr. Murphy!


As a CSM whose about 2 years in, new to the role/field and managing a small team, this was a great intro course. A good combo of basic review and a number great new ideas as well.

- Reputation.com, Inc.

The CSM 101 goes through the basics of CSM and gives a great overview of the area.

- Workshare, Inc.

Earned great knowledge about the Customer Success and how important is it.

- Siteimprove

For someone with practically no SaaS experience, I found this to be a great introduction to customer success management and it further solidified my desire to enter into this field.

- Redilearning Corporation

This course served as a great intro and points those interested in the CSM world in a very positive direction. Thank you.

- Gatekeeper Innovation

I'm new to Customer Success, so this was really helpful to give me a jump start and help my business in this area. Some things are basic, but it's a refresher if anything else.

- Clarizen Inc

As an entrepreneur, I've spent the better half of the last decade in customer service and successful startups. Looking to expand my knowledge and work in a subscription-based model, I stumbled across Gainsight and Customer Success. This course was the ultimate starting point -- thoroughly breaking down what Customer Success is, what to expect and how to jump in head first. Whether you're new to the industry or simply want to sharpen your skills, I highly recommend this course.

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