What Our Clients Are Saying

This course (or at least the first lecture) should be added to/required as part of every companies customer facing [every] employees on-boarding process. It is rock-solid and lays the foundation of what Customer Success is all about. I'm looking forward to taking a deeper dive in the next offerings in this series!

- Saga Music

The content and structure of the course is as expected, it was clearly delivered and the instructors made it simple to follow. However the questions and way of questioning were to easy in my opinion. Always a 50/50 question, always a 'all of the above' answer.. just to predictable. Course 201 is next, hopefully they have improved on the questions.

- Simbo CRM

This was an excellent validation for what we have done and has given me a lot of ideas for how to improve our program going forward.

- Ebsta | The Chrome Plugin for Salesforce

For someone with practically no SaaS experience, I found this to be a great introduction to customer success management and it further solidified my desire to enter into this field.

- Redilearning Corporation

Awesome Course! Earned great knowledge about the Customer Success and how important it is.

- Oracle Corporation

Great Course to Onboard New Customer Success Managers. Great Course! I really enjoyed it and I do think that the course was spot on to onboard new Customer Success Managers and get them to know the basics about the job, the mission statement and expose them to the world of customer success. The course content was sufficient, as well as the order of lessons and the presenters (both Dan and Lincoln did an excellent job of delivering the message) that made this course successful. Having finished this fundamental CSM101 course, I am geared up and looking forward to attending the following courses in the series (CSM201 & CSM 301) and learn more practical lessons on how to ensure the success of the customer.

- Clarizen Inc

I really enjoyed the contents and direction of the course. I know I will be refering back to the materials throughout my career in customer success.

- BlackLine Systems, Inc.

I'm new to Customer Success, so this was really helpful to give me a jump start and help my business in this area. Some things are basic, but it's a refresher if anything else.

- Clarizen Inc